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The Continued Success of the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program

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The province of Alberta, located in Western Canada between Saskatchewan and British Columbia, is one of Canada’s most rapidly expanding provinces in terms of both population and economic power. With a population of over 3.6 million, largely centralized in the cities of Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta is the most populous of Canada’s ‘prairie provinces’. It is also home to one of Canada’s strongest economies, supported by the expanding oil industry as well as agriculture and technology. >>Read full article on



12 thoughts on “The Continued Success of the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program

  1. Avatar
    meissa diop

    merci pour tous

  2. Avatar
    kadar abdi awaleh

    j aimerai venir au canada alors aide moi

  3. Avatar
    Mohammad Rafi Oryakhel From Afghanistan

    thanks for your useful information.

    Mohammad Rafi

  4. Avatar
    Abhay Paplikar

    I like ur update.

  5. Avatar

    I like to migrate in canada

  6. Avatar
    Ferdinand Utojiuba

    Canada is a nice place. I want to be there. Thats my dream

  7. Avatar

    Hope to succes for this program…..

  8. Avatar
    Chizurum Benedict onyenze

    I know that this opportunity will not pass me by

  9. Avatar
    Bilal Kaddoura

    i am holding a palestinian lebanese document . is it possible to apply for this program

  10. Avatar
    mohamad almasalma

    thank you for your efforts

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