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Canadian Immigration Questions and Answers with Attorney David Cohen

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Every month, Attorney David Cohen will answer a few general Canadian immigration questions submitted by our readers. Here are this month’s questions and answers:

Can I still submit a Quebec Skilled Worker application after March 31, 2014?

Yes. The Government of Quebec has announced that it will accept a maximum of 6,500 applications under the Skilled Worker category between April 1st, 2014 and March 31st, 2015. This cap does not include applications submitted under the Programme de l’expérience québécoise (PEQ) or applications supported by validated job offer from an employer based in Quebec. Any applications submitted April 1st 2014 will be subject to the regulations and selection criteria in force at the time of application submission.

When reading about immigration, I frequently see the abbreviation “NOC”. What is an NOC, and what relevance does it have for prospective immigrants?

“NOC” stands for National Occupational Classification. The Government of Canada has created the NOC coding system for classifying occupations. Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) uses the NOC coding system to evaluate the employment history of prospective immigrants. This system allows the CIC to decide whether your work experience qualifies as “skilled work”, as well as your work experience matches any eligible occupations

I currently hold a Green Card (US Permanent Residency). Will this be of benefit to me in a work or immigration application?

A permanent resident of USA, or US Green Card holder, does not currently require a Visit Visa to visit Canada. Otherwise, there are no Canadian Immigration benefits accruing from being a permanent resident of the US. There are some benefits available to citizens of the USA under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) that allow for facilitated temporary work permits, but these are not available to foreign nationals who hold a Green Card.

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23 thoughts on “Canadian Immigration Questions and Answers with Attorney David Cohen

  1. Avatar
    Maria Carmelita B. Flores

    Dear Sir,

    Good day!

    My husband and I together with our two children would like to immigrate in Canada. Since my husband is working in Saudi Arabia we think that living in Canada is the only way for us to be together as family. My question is : will our application be denied if we failed the medical examination. I am diagnosed with breast cancer stage 1.

  2. Avatar
    Maximino Bulanadi

    Dear Atty Cohen,

    I am a tourist here in Canada since Oct. 2013 and currently staying in Edmonton AB, unfortunately my application for extension of stay was refused however i immediately made an appeal to reconsider my application citing the fact that i am still undergoing medical proceedings which the immigration required me do so. Also, i received a letter from the Health Branch of CIC stating that my application for extension will be decided upon completion of my medical proceedings that is why i am surprised when i received CIC’s refusal letter.

    Currently, i am required to report to CBSA office on a weekly basis. In this connection, i would like to know if i still have an option or a chance to stay here in Canada. I am more than willing to sit down with you to further discuss this matter.

    Thank you.

  3. Avatar

    Dear Sir, 
    My husband and I got familiar during a travel in 2008 and fell in love and started our deep relationship. We wanted to marry after his military service in 2013 but unfortunately he was forced to escape from Iran and get refugee in Canada for religious reasons that resulted in prison or execution in Iran.   
    During this time we both endured many difficulties, and finally we got married in his absent on May 22nd  this year.  We both were interested in this marriage and our families helped us in this matter. After marriage, we completed necessary documents and related forms for my immigration to Canada but unfortunately we were informed that government of Canada has applied new amendments on spouse’s sponsorship based on this matter that absence marriage can not be accepted for spouse’s sponsorship. 
    According to this matter that my husband can not return to Iran at all and absence marriage was the only way for us to be together and also our marriage happened before these amendments and referring to the exceptions in this law, and also that we’re planning to celebrate our marriage on october along with our family in a third country , can we still submit our application to CIC?
    Please guide us.

    Best Regards,

  4. Avatar
    okoh margaret

    I am a lawyer and I want to find out my eligibility for any immigration plans available as at today 16th of Sept.2015 and the States where legal officers are required.

  5. Avatar

    I am very happy to contacts you as concerning canadian express entry .I would like to know my eligibility and the possibility to migrate as skill worker

  6. Avatar

    i have got arranged employment on november 2013 and applied to cic for
    PR after few months they returened back my application that missing few documents which were not compulsory at the time of submission.After in 2013 rules had changed and cic will not accepted that applications received after May 2013.please advice me what can i do n

  7. Avatar

    I sponsored my parents in 2007 (permanent resident Canada), the file was sent by Ottawa office upon verification to New Delhi Visa Office in 2011 for further processing. Upon medical examination, the passports were asked to be submitted in late 2011. But next year, the file number was changed all of sudden and there has been no communication since then and passports are also with Visa Office. Why has the file number been changed?

  8. Avatar

    I’ve applied for Quebec skilled workers program at the end of February 2011. Still waiting for interview call and would like to know if I can get points as per old rules or I have to be ready to be scored as per new rules, taken on August 2013? Pls advise

  9. Avatar
    Djokam Kamga majolie

    I want to know after how long can I receive a notification of reception of my application for the Quebec skilled workers. I hhave applied in Septemberb 2013

  10. Avatar
    Bamidele Oluwatoyin Shittu

    Dear sir, how can an intending applicant who does not possess a debit card pay for assessment fee?

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