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Seventh Express Entry Draw: CIC continues to select candidates without job offers

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Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has performed the seventh, and latest, draw from the Express Entry pool, issuing 925 invitations to candidates in the pool with 469 or more Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points. The draw was made on April 10, 2015, and followed soon after news that a number of the first few successful applicants for Canadian immigration have already obtained permanent resident status through the Express Entry immigration selection system.

This draw is the third in succession in which CIC has selected candidates who did not have a qualifying job offer from a Canadian employer or a provincial nomination at the time they were selected. The first four draws from the pool, made between January 31 and February 27, selected only candidates who had either a job offer or a provincial nomination, either of which gives a candidate 600 CRS points and a subsequent invitation to apply for Canadian permanent residence. Up to 600 CRS points are also available for human capital factors such as age, level of education, language ability, and work experience.

“Though CIC continues to make regular draws from the pool and candidates without job offers or provincial nominations continue to be selected, this latest draw marks the first occasion in which the number of invitations to apply issued has decreased, relative to the previous draw. It is also the first instance of an increase in the minimum number of CRS points required in order for a candidate to be selected,” noted Attorney David Cohen.

“With this in mind, I would encourage candidates for immigration to Canada through Express Entry to make continual efforts to improve their profile and ranking. For example, candidates who make efforts to improve their language skills and re-take a language test may find that this will get them over the line, as may those who increase their level of education or add work experience to their profiles. It should be remembered, however, that obtaining a qualifying job offer or provincial nomination remains the surest way of being issued an invitation to apply. Express Entry is a system that rewards proactive candidates.”

Express Entry quick facts, from January 1 to April 11 (All dates are for 2015)

  • Launch date: January 1
  • First draw from the pool: January 31
  • Most recent draw from the pool: April 10
  • Minimum CRS points required for selection in any one draw: 453 (March 27 draw)
  • Largest number of invitations to apply issued in any one draw: 1,637 (March 27 draw)
  • Fewest invitations to apply issued in any one draw: 779 (January 1 and February 7 draws)
  • Largest decrease in CRS points required between two consecutive draws: 254 (from February 27 to March 20 draws)
  • Smallest decrease in CRS points required between two consecutive draws: 10 (from February 7 to February 20 draws)
  • Largest increase in CRS points required between two consecutive draws: 16 (from March 27 to April 10 draws)
  • Longest gap between two consecutive draws: 21 days (from February 27 to March 20 draws)
  • Shortest gap between two consecutive draws: 7 days (on three occasions)
  • Total number of invitations to apply issued: 6,851

Click here to learn more about all Express Entry draws that have taken place so far.


Important information for all candidates and applicants

Once an invitation to apply has been issued to a candidate, he or she has 60 days to file a complete application with all supporting documents; no extensions will be granted. Candidates who have been issued an invitation to apply are encouraged to submit their complete applications in good time to avoid missing their opportunity, while those who have not yet been selected from the Express Entry pool are encouraged to gather documents in advance.

Moreover, it is important that the information provided and documents submitted are completely accurate in order to avoid being penalised for misrepresentation. Penalties for misrepresentation may include a five-year ban on applying to immigrate to, or even visit, Canada.

Express Entry is not an immigration program in itself, but rather a system used by CIC to select candidates for immigration to Canada using the following economic immigration programs:

To find out if you are eligible for any of over 60 Canadian immigration programs, including the federal economic programs that are processed under Express Entry, please fill out a free online assessment today.

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32 thoughts on “Seventh Express Entry Draw: CIC continues to select candidates without job offers

  1. Avatar
    Pedra Minnis

    I believe that extra points could be awarded for international students that have been here contributing to the Canadian economy when we do not benefit from it ( EI, pension ). Also when I made the decision to apply for my work permit over doing my masters I was informed of the previous model ( 1 year work experience then you apply).

  2. Avatar

    How do I find out my score( points) in CRS system?

  3. Avatar

    could anyone please tell me how to get the score in crs??

  4. Avatar
    Neda Valiei

    Dear Sir/ Madam

    My CRS is 343 points….is there any chance to receive invitation from Canadian government and If, yes, when it will be possible to have it?

    Best Regards,
    Neda Valiei

  5. Avatar

    I am in the express entry pool since October 2015 and having a tough time in getting a interview call from a potential employer, leave alone a job offer. I have 355 CRs points & the only way to get an ITA is having a job offer. Is it so tough to get an offer of employment for foreign workers?

  6. Avatar

    Hi sir,
    I am Vimala applied for express entry my points is 344,is that possible for me to get ITA this year 2015??.please let me know.
    Thank you.

  7. Avatar
    Muhammad Rashid Badar

    what is the starting date to accept the application for immigration ….I am working in abu dhabi as Finance & insurance specialist. kindly guide me the process to apply.

  8. Avatar

    Hi I am Basharathussain from uae I am carpenter I have 7year experience but I like canada any visa suitable for me

    Thank you very much

  9. Avatar

    This is a funny system and I personally believe is not well designed….I had lived and worked in Canada for 3 years, worked in USA for almost 2.5 years, have 20 years of experience as an Industrial and Management Engineer working in the Information Technology field…I submitted my Express Entry application…and only got 342 points which are somehow decreasing…I have now 339!!!….At the time of my submission I was working under an open work permit visa in a permanent position….so I do not find any logical explanation why a candidate with my qualifications gets so low in your ranking system. Something here is not designed or working as it should…….

  10. Avatar

    Dear Neha, Hardeep and Amandeep,

    You might want to read this post from Cohen Campbell:

    You should aim for +460 points to have any hope of getting selected. Neha, from what I had read previously, anyone who submits their profile stays in the pool for one year. If you do not get selected within that period, you should consider working to increase your points before resubmitting your profile.

    All the best!

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