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Q & A: Failure to Obtain RRP: Implications

Q. Shortly following landing, I and my family applied for the Returning Resident Permit in order to allow my spouse to complete her education abroad. This application was refused. What can we do now ? Some options are obvious : 1. My wife is leaving her PhD and we’re going in Canada : which is […]


Q & A: Criminal Inadmissibility; Equivalent Charge

Q. I may be facing charges in Switzerland on the grounds that I have not completed the required military service. How will this affect a pending Canadian PR application? Answer: A criminal record can be grounds for inadmissibility. Given that there may be no equivalent offense (depending on the specific charge against you, of course) […]


Q & A: Second Interview

Q. After having passed my selection interview with a visa official, I was requested to attend a second interview. What is this interview for? Answer: In cases where a second interview is requested, it is not typically for the purpose of selection, but rather a matter of security (which may be requested in the event […]


Q & A: Title vs. Job Duties

Q. The title by which I have been referred in my documentation is not necessarily reflective of the work I have done. Will this affect the occupation for which I am eligible to apply under? Answer: No, the title of an occupation is nowhere near as significant as the duties performed in that position. As […]


Amendment to Regulations Tabled

Volume 131, No. 11 of the Canada Gazette, published Saturday March 15th,1997 contained details of the most recent proposed amendments to the Immigration Regulations 1978, expected to affect the skilled worker category. The preface to the amendments indicate that the changes are “primarily technical in nature” and do not “reflect a substantive change to the […]


Colombo Situation Report, January 1997

The most recent situation report from Colombo reports a significant increase in interview backlogs, as compared to September 1996. A quote from this report is as follows: “A person who applies now, in January 1997, will likely be interviewed in March 1998, 15 months hence.”


Immigrant Investor Program: Newspaper Article

Immigrants’ Cash Might be Diverted, Program changes could cost Quebec An investment pipeline to Quebec worth hundreds of millions of dollars might be diverted to other provinces as Ottawa overhauls an immigration-investor program that offers citizenship for cash. The redesigned program for affluent foreign investors, which takes effect July 1, extends to the rest of […]


Q & A: Landing in Quebec without CSQ

The province of Quebec is presently entitled to full control over selection of applicants for immigration to Canada with an intended destination within that province. Once issued by Federal authorities, however, landing documents have generally allowed applicants to land as permanent residents of Canada at any port of entry. A basic tenet of the Charter […]


The Canada Immigration Newsletter – Back Issues: March 03, 1997

This newsletter will be best viewed in a fixed width font, such as Courier. The contents of this newsletter may be redistributed in whole, with the express condition that no changes be made to the content within. This newsletter, edited by David Cohen, and published strictly in an electronic format, contains information pertinent to applicants […]