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The Changing Face of Canadian Immigration

While China remains the single largest source country for new Canadian permanent residents, it may not remain so for long as a rise in arrivals from South Asia is causing a shift in the makeup of Canadian immigration. For many years the position of the leading source of immigrants to Canada belonged to China. In […]


Professional Workers in High Demand in Canada

For professionals such as accountants, engineers and nurses, it is a job seeker’s market in Canada. Over 25% of employers across Canada reported that they were experiencing difficulty adequately staffing their companies due to a lack of available professionals, in a survey conducted by Manpower Canada, an employment services firm. In response employers are boosting […]


Celebrating Canadian Citizenship Week

From October 16-22nd, Canada marked Canadian citizenship week, an annual tradition led by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. The week is intended to encourage Canadians to reflect on the rights, privileges and responsibilities of Canadians. It is also intended to celebrate new Canadians and the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration The Honourable Monte Solberg presided over […]


David Cohen’s Blog: Taking Stock of Dual Citizenship

Recently, Canadian newspaper editorials have called into question our policy of recognizing multi-citizenships. The Canadian ideal has been to distinguish ourselves as a “mosaic” rather than a melting pot. In 1971, Canada became the first country in the world to officially adopt a policy of multiculturalism. This policy encourages immigrants to retain their culture, becoming […]


“Canadianizing” the Immigrant Skilled Worker

Service Canada (SC) and the Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC) join to help integrate immigrants into the Canadian workforce. Despite the Canadian government’s policy of ‘opening up the doors of immigration’ for skilled foreign workers, there is a growing need in the Canadian workforce. Statistics Canada has warned that Canadians will soon face a […]


Canadian Political Parties Competing for Immigrant Vote

With the likelihood of another Federal election looming over Canada’s Conservative government, winning immigrant voters will make all the difference at the polls. As the Liberal Party of Canada re-groups and inches closer to electing a new chief executive on Dec. 2, 2006, Liberal leader hopefuls are counting on the “immigrant vote” to lead their […]