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Q & A: SVP

Q. If I (British citizen) have 8 years cooking experience in England but no formal qualifications because I learned on the job, can I still immigrate to Canada as an independent immigrant under the occupation of cook? Answer: In the event that you underwent sufficient training on the job, you may satisfy the SVP requirements […]


Q & A: Submission Outside Jurisdiction

Q. I read in India Abroad that there was a proposal to discontinue the practice of allowing immigration via a third country. Is this true? So, If I am an Indian national, working in the USA and try to apply for a Canadian PR (from USA), will I become ineligible? Answer: Canadian Immigration policy specifically […]


Critique of Proposed Regulations

The following has been prepared for the benefit of those who may be affected by the amendments to the Regulations affecting skilled workers which have been tabled on March 15, 1997, and for those responsible for the implementation of such. Readers may be aware that the Department of Citizenship and Immigration has proposed changes to […]


Low Income Cutoff Figures: 1997/98

The following figures indicate the amounts of income required for sponsors submitting applications for members of the family class. Size of Area of Residence Size of Family Unit 500,000+ 100,000- 499,000 30,000- 99,000 Less than 30,000 Rural Areas 1 person $17,132 $14,694 $14,591 $13,577 $11,839 2 persons $21,414 $18,637 $18,239 $16,971 $14,799 3 persons $26,633 […]


Q & A: Failure to Obtain RRP: Implications

Q. Shortly following landing, I and my family applied for the Returning Resident Permit in order to allow my spouse to complete her education abroad. This application was refused. What can we do now ? Some options are obvious : 1. My wife is leaving her PhD and we’re going in Canada : which is […]


Q & A: Criminal Inadmissibility; Equivalent Charge

Q. I may be facing charges in Switzerland on the grounds that I have not completed the required military service. How will this affect a pending Canadian PR application? Answer: A criminal record can be grounds for inadmissibility. Given that there may be no equivalent offense (depending on the specific charge against you, of course) […]


Q & A: Second Interview

Q. After having passed my selection interview with a visa official, I was requested to attend a second interview. What is this interview for? Answer: In cases where a second interview is requested, it is not typically for the purpose of selection, but rather a matter of security (which may be requested in the event […]


Q & A: Title vs. Job Duties

Q. The title by which I have been referred in my documentation is not necessarily reflective of the work I have done. Will this affect the occupation for which I am eligible to apply under? Answer: No, the title of an occupation is nowhere near as significant as the duties performed in that position. As […]


Amendment to Regulations Tabled

Volume 131, No. 11 of the Canada Gazette, published Saturday March 15th,1997 contained details of the most recent proposed amendments to the Immigration Regulations 1978, expected to affect the skilled worker category. The preface to the amendments indicate that the changes are “primarily technical in nature” and do not “reflect a substantive change to the […]