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Q & A: Background Clearance

Q. Will the fact that a friend’s application was delayed by a background clearance mean that I will incur the same delay, given that we are from the same country? Answer: Although the countries in which an applicant has resided can be a factor in the duration of the processing of a background clearance, it […]

By launches online Community

Arriving in Canada to live, work or study is but the first step of a new and exciting journey. Everyone who embarks on it is courageous and most will admit to having at least some concerns about what lies ahead. For some, getting to Canada proceeds smoothly. For others, the process proves more difficult. Once […]


Montreal Urges Increased Immigration

According to a recent article in The Montreal Gazette (a Montreal newspaper), the City of Montreal is urging the Provincial and Federal Immigration Authorities to boost the current immigration levels by at least 40 percent. Citing a critical shortage of high-tech workers in the Montreal region, the City is hoping to attract immigrants with engineering, […]


Canada Proposes New Models For Skilled Worker Selection

As was discussed in a previous issue of this Newsletter, on April 6, 2000, Elinor Caplan, Canada’s Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, introduced a new Immigration and Refugee Protection Act in Canada’s Parliament. The new Act is expected to become law by the end of the year 2000. If passed in its current form, the […]


Q & A: Occupation Title

Q. I work in the field of Electronic Data Processing, but I do not see my occupation listed in the General Occupations List. Does this mean that I am automatically inadmissible? Answer: The fact that your title does not appear on the GOL, does not necessarily mean that you are automatically inadmissible. The NOC contains […]


Q & A: Education and Training Requirements

Q. My work duties and responsibilities fits the category of a financial manager under the NOC. However, I have no post secondary education but years of experience in this position. Will this adversely impact my application for permanent residence to Canada? Answer: The National Occupational Classification states specific education and training requirements for each defined […]


Labour Force Survey, June 2000

Employment was little changed in June and the unemployment rate remained at 6.6%. Over April, May and June, the average growth in employment was 11,000 per month, slower than the average monthly growth of 44,000 in the preceding six months. Full-time employment fell by 25,000 in June, mostly among adult men (-17,000). Over April, May […]


Canada’s Economy

While Canada’s employment crunch isn’t quite at U.S. levels — Canada’s unemployment rate is now 6.6. percent, compared to about 4 percent in the U.S. — the country’s economic growth is expected to equal or outpace America’s in the year. “The economy is quite healthy,” said Avery Shenfeld, senior economist with CIBC World Markets, one […]


CIC Launches Test of New Processing Method

For some time now, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has been discussing strategies to help make the processing of permanent residence applications more efficient. In some of CIC’s recent proposals, it has been suggested that a greater portion of the actual work done by CIC in terms of reviewing each application be conducted in Canada. […]