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Q: How can I get a temporary or visiting work permit for Canada? Do I need to have a job offer first? Are there varying permits based on the amount of time spent working in Canada?

Answer: The process of obtaining an employment authorization (with a few possible exceptions) generally involves two essential steps. These steps are:

1. Submitting an application for validation of a job offer to a Canadian Employment Center;
2. Submission of an application for the necessary visa to a Canadian Immigration Center.

The first step does entail that a position be available, and that the company has been able to validate the availability of such to a non-immigrant visa the CEC.

Q: I just left a position for which I had been issued a temporary employment authorization. I want to stay in Canada obviously now…do I just change my visa to visitor or what?

Answer: Your visitor status will remain valid until the stated expiration date. In order to commence work at another organization, however, you will be required to obtain a new employment authorization,
or successfully apply for PR status.

Q: I’d appreciate if somebody could share his/her experiences on what is the procedure for a Canadian to apply for a job in USA.

Answer: As a Canadian citizen, you may be eligible for the provisions of the NAFTA agreement in your efforts to work in the USA. This would negate the necessity of labour certification.

If you are unable to qualify for these provisions, your eligibility to
work in the USA will depend on immigration policy therein.