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    IRCC’s Citizenship to Passport Pilot streamlines passport process for new Canadians
    Canadian flag
    Getting proof of citizenship if your parent is Canadian
    Lake and mountains in the Yukon
    Canadian passport processing back to pre-pandemic service standards
    Muslim Woman smiling at the camera Holding Passport and Canadian Flag
    Everything you need to know about sponsoring your child for immigration to Canada
    Parents and child
    Applying for Canadian citizenship if you were born outside of Canada
    Woman with Canadian flag
    IRCC celebrates becoming a Canadian citizen with Citizenship Week
    Family waving Canadian flabs
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    Understanding the Second-Generation Cut-Off Rule for Canadian Citizenship
    family on dock of lake
    How can you be granted Canadian citizenship after becoming a permanent resident?
    Kids holding Canadian flag
    Where are new Canadian citizens coming from?
    A multi-ethnic group of people swearing the oath during their Canadian citizenship ceremony
    The Canadian citizenship oath could just be a click away
    Immigration Canada
    The Proof of Canadian Citizenship application process
    Father and daughter wrapped in large Canadian flag
    Does my country allow Canadian Dual Citizenship?
    Picture of a man in an airport looking at a plane. Canada permits dual citizenship with other countries, meaning that depending on where immigrants come from, they will be able to hold two passports
    Are you already a Canadian citizen?
    Can I leave Canada and still be eligible for Canadian citizenship?
    Application for Canadian citizenship
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    Is your parent a Canadian citizen? Submit your Proof of Citizenship application 
    Family with Canadian flag
    How to become eligible for Canadian citizenship
    Canadian family
    Over 90% of Canada’s population are citizens
    A woman in the woods with a Canadian flag on her back. Over 90% of the Canadian population are naturally born citizens.
    Understanding the need for Proof of Citizenship in Canada
    woman in hijab holding a small Canadian flag
    IRCC aims to grant citizenship to 300,000 people this fiscal year
    IRCC plans to welcome 300,000 new citizens this fiscal year
    How to get proof of Canadian citizenship
    Children born abroad to Canadian parents may be entitled to proof of citizenship
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