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    Canadian Immigration Lawyers Association recommends IRPA legislation reform
    A young family at home having fun on sofa.
    Canadian and United States border authorities crack down on flagpoling
    A picture of the border crossing to Canada.
    Donald Trump may now be inadmissible to enter Canada
    A picture of a gavel and scales, in a court room.
    Canada Dental Care Plan will soon open to more Canadian residents
    Newcomer families with children may now qualify for free dental care.
    Caregivers to be given permanent resident status on arrival under new pilot programs
    Portrait of a daughter holding her elderly father, sitting on a bed by a window in her father's room.
    Fact check: IRCC has not removed police certificate requirements for temporary residents
    A closeup of a uniform patch from a Toronto Police officer.
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    IRCC’s tips on getting your police certificate
    An officer looks over a document in a police precinct.
    Staying in Canada after graduation: What are your options as an international student?
    Newly graduated international students have some options if they want to stay in Canada.
    Do I need a language test to immigrate to Canada?
    Happy kids colouring on paper while communicating with their mother at home.
    IRCC increases number of permits it will process under temporary special measures for Palestinian extended family in Gaza
    IRCC has increased the number of TRV applications it will consider from family member's of Canadian citizens, currently in Gaza,
    Canada announces measures to help individuals impacted by the ongoing crises in Haiti
    A closeup of two people holding hands, with a field in the background.
    IRCC now accepting community applications for two new pilot programs
    Rural and Francophone communities can now apply to participate in new pilot programs.
    How can I improve the chances that the processing of my application is not delayed?
    Happy female traveler waiting for the flight in the airport
    Provincial and federal immigration ministers meet to discuss shared priorities
    Immigration ministers from all provinces and territories have met to discuss shared priorities.
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    How do I check the status of my IRCC application?
    Two friends high-fiving in front of a laptop on a sunny day
    IRCC introduces new temporary policy for PR applicants from Hong Kong
    A picture of Nan Lian garden in Hong Kong
    Six common issues with IRCC applications and how to fix them
    A woman sitting at her desk applying online
    Which family members can I bring with me to Canada once I receive permanent residence?
    Children and parents posing, smiling, playing and having fun.
    IRCC introduces new method for calculating processing times for some applications
    IRCC has a new method of determining processing time for some applications.
    Where to find your cultural community in Canada
    A group of multiracial friends chilling together
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