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Credibility, honesty and journalistic integrity are what make CIC News as reputable as it is. CIC News staff seek the truth and aim to report it in an open and honest manner.

Our readers depend on CIC News to gain insights into everything Canadian immigration. This is our responsibility. This is the power that is given to us, that we must use sensibly.

Through being accurate and compassionate, we become transparent. With this transparency, we hold each other accountable and believe that our readers too should hold us accountable.

Since some of the CIC News staff are immigrants themselves, we understand the difficulty of navigating the Canadian immigration space. This is just another incentive for us to maintain the relationship we have with our readers – built on trust and credibility.


Accuracy and Fairness

CIC News is committed to operate with accuracy and fairness, delivering the facts to our readers with precision. On that note, errors are acknowledged as soon as they are brought forward. None of our work is plagiarized. Any news article where the source is from another publication, is attributed appropriately.


Any mistake that is pointed out should be promptly corrected to maintain the credibility of CIC News. Mistakes should be discussed as soon as they are discovered. If there is a dispute over whether or not a mistake exists, it should be discussed with the Managing Editor.

Anonymous Sources

To maintain transparency, CIC News will not use anonymous sources, unless efforts have been exhausted to obtain the required information from other sources. CIC News would only go through with reporting from an anonymous source if it is in the public interest to do so. If an anonymous source is used, CIC News will cite the reason – for example: safety, job loss, etc. To maintain our relationship with sources, the identity of anonymous sources will be protected by the reporter and by CIC News.


Words between quotation marks are the exact words of people, with no alterations. The use of brackets or ellipses within quotations should be avoided. In an article, we would explain how a quote is received (for example, via a press release, press conference or e-mail etc.). In addition, if the statement was made to a third party, we make that clear. We will not pretend that a statement was made to one of our reporters if it was made to a third party.


All writing in CIC News must be original, or appropriately attributed. If we are unable to verify the information, credit is given. We do not lift or plagiarize other work. Plagiarism is stealing.

Bylines and datelines

All of our articles include bylines and datelines. This is to disclose authorship of the article. Bylines include who is largely responsible for the writing and reporting of the article. Our datelines typically include the date of when the article was written. Although our locations are not mentioned in the dateline, our articles are usually written in either Montreal, Quebec or Toronto, Ontario, although we occasionally write our articles in other parts of Canada. Authorship locations will be disclosed when they are material to the article.

Visual Accuracy and Photo Sourcing

Our sourced stock photos should reflect the article topic as best as possible. We emphasize the importance of sourcing relevant photos to be used on CIC News. The chosen photos should translate a truth and should not be used to influence how the reader should feel.

Conflict of Interest

CIC News is part of the CanadaVisa Network. The network is owned by the Cohen Immigration Law (formerly knows as Campbell Cohen) in Montreal, Quebec. CIC News aims to cover all Canadian immigration-related news. Our belief is that the accuracy, honesty, fairness and transparency of CIC News is what makes us a reputable source.

Profanity and Obscenity

CIC News avoids profanity and obscenity, and the use of words that might be deemed offensive to certain religious, gender, racial or ethnic groups. This is true as long as the omission of language would not alter the meaning of the story, or deem the story incomplete.


Our work should be carried out with the utmost honesty. CIC News does not stand for using deception to obtain information, whatever the case.


Pre-Publication Review

It is important that pre-publication stories and articles are not shown to anyone outside of the newsroom. This includes sources, family members or friends. It may be sometimes allowed for a source to review part of a story for accuracy purposes. For example, a computer scientist may be allowed to review a paragraph covering some technical aspects related to his or her field.

Financial Holdings

Employees at CIC News should not have a financial or business connection to anything that may be deemed as a conflict of interest. For example, employees should not be able to make financial gains through information obtained by CIC News. Employees should not be deeply invested in a stock such that their reporting becomes biased, or write a story in order to influence the price of a stock. To avoid this, employees should not invest in any company that they cover. In addition, if an employee’s family or friends is investing in a company that they cover, this should be reported immediately to the Managing Editor. Employees and their families may only invest in companies that the employee does not cover.


Freelancing by employees is allowed. However, employees shall not work with companies, publications or law firms that are considered direct competitors in Canada. Moreover, employees shall not work for any other employer which may pose a conflict of interest. Employees shall report all potential conflicts of interest to the Managing Editor.

Speaking Engagements

CIC News encourages its employees to make public appearances. However, they should not accept any fees. Prior to appearing in public, approval by the Managing Editor should be granted. Employees may not disclose information that may put CIC News at a disadvantage. If the appearance is related to your position at CIC News and the CanadaVisa Network, this should be clear during the appearance. Employees should not accept any fees, particularly from industry groups or government entities. Honoraria should be accepted by the Managing Editor.

Book Contracts and Other Businesses

Employees should not work with any person or business that they cover. No employee should engage in a project that may exploit his or her position at CIC News.

Conflicts and Social Media

Employees should avoid any activity that may conflict with their jobs. They should be mindful of sharing certain points of views on Canadian immigration on social media that may cause readers to question the impartiality and credibility of CIC News. Whatever is shared on social media that is related to Canadian immigration should follow the same requirements of a CIC News article – and must be fair and honest. Employees who share opinions about topics other than Canadian immigration may do so, but should use their better judgement to decide whether a certain opinion may harm the credibility of CIC News.


Employees should not use their positions at CIC News to gain any advantage in their business or the businesses owned by their family members or friends.


Employees at CIC News may not accept any gifts or free services. Any gifts received with a value over CAD $30 should be returned or donated. Only small “token” gifts may be accepted, such as keychains or pens.


Employees should not cover any news about people who are related to them in any way, or those who they are friends with or have a business relationship with. The only exception is with first-person features, where those relationships are explicitly disclosed.

Violations and Implementation

This Ethics Policy exists to maintain the credibility of CIC News. This policy must be disclosed to all current and future employees. Supervisors will take a fair approach towards violations and violations will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

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