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Q & A: Amending an Application Following Submission

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Q. My Permanent Residence was approved recently and I will be getting married before I land in Canada. What procedure(s) must I follow for my spouse to come to Canada with me?

Answer: At such time as you marry, you must advise the visa office of such, and return the landing documents for modification. You will need to provide statutory documents for your spouse, and he/she will have to undergo medical and security clearance. Applicable fees should be included for him/her to be included in your application.

Q. Does anybody have the experience of the childbirth during application? How much delay do I have to expect in this case? If you know some cases that the PR approved before (or immediately after) the childbirth, please let me know. Thanks in advance,

Answer: As your spouse cannot conclude her medical examinations prior to the delivery of the child, the application cannot be concluded prior to such. Following delivery, the delay that will be incurred will be approximately 4 months, as medical forms for the child are issued, and the results processed.