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Q & A: Negative CCPE Assessment

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Q. I received my qualification assessment result from CCPE yesterday. The results is different from what I applied. As I worked as a geological engineer in the field for more than 10 years responsible for the mineral exploration, how can they assessed me as a geologist? Is there any influence for my application to Canada due to I already sent my application form to immigration office as a geological engineer. Although the scored points is still above 73, will that changes affect my application?

Answer: The CCPE assessment cannot be made a mandatory aspect of the submission of your application, although it is typically the simplest way to demonstrate employability in Canada as an engineer for those who are qualified.

The CCPE would have likely use the NOC definition of the occupations mentioned to determine which you were most closely suited for. In addition, a degree in engineering would have been expected for qualification as the former.

Comment: This may be a typical example of cases where the professional title that an applicant has in his country of origin does not match that of the NOC. In the event that the duties performed were not consistent with those of the definition of the applicant’s expected intended occupation, a negative impact on the eligible point total may be incurred.