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Q & A: Inclusion of Future Spouse

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Q. “My landing date for Canada P.R. is coming. I want to apply PR visa for my fiancee(we are going to get married pretty soon). I can either apply a Family Member PR after landing or inform Canada General Consulate to add my wife as a dependent to get a new visa before landing, which way is better in terms of time and difficulty?”

Answer: The latter option would most likely be quicker, assuming that you marry prior to landing. Note that even if you do not wish to include her as an accompanying dependent at such time, the visa office must be advised following your marriage if that takes place prior to your landing. At such time, your spouse would be required to undergo medical and security clearance. As these delays will be incurred anyhow, it may be best to submit the applicable fees and statutory documents at the same time, and include her as an accompanying dependent.