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Published: March 1, 1998

Q. "...what would Computer Software trainers be classified as in the job classification, and is there scope for people like us to work in Canada presently.

My wife and I both trainer the Microsoft Office suite, E-mail / internet, various email packages and organizers as well as the lotus smartsuite. My wife has also worked in DTP and trainers the Corel Draw package.

I have a BA Degree and Honours, with a higher education diploma.

Could anyone reading this advise us as to the prospects computer trainers have of being accepted and of finding work?"

Answer: The following occupational definition appears in the NOC. This occupation, however, does not appear on the General Occupations List. That means that arranged employment would be required to qualify with this profession as your intended occupation.

Additional details on this topic may be obtained at the following URL: http://canadavisa.com/documents/factor5.html

Eligibility for employment in this field may be examined via the Employment links at the Canada DataBank:


College and Other Vocational Instructors (4131)

Basic Information

Nature of Work *

This unit group includes instructors who teach applied arts, academic, technical and vocational subjects to students at community colleges, CEGEPs, agricultural colleges, technical institutes, language schools, bible colleges and other vocational schools. This unit group also includes trainers who are employed by companies and governments to teach internal training and development courses. College teachers who are heads of departments are included in this group.

Example Titles *

company trainer
training officer
community college teacher
vocational school teacher
college department chairperson, trade programs
college teacher
computer training instructor
teacher, legal assistant program
department head, dental hygienist program
CEGEP teacher
commercial art instructor
hairdressing teacher
language instructor, language school

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