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Q & A: Background Clearance

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Q. I am keen to know a few facts about the background check such as how long does it take?, what do they check?

Answer: The background clearance is to maintain and protect the safety and good order of Canadian society by preventing the admission of persons who threaten the internal security of Canada or endanger the lives or safety of persons in Canada; to promote international order and justice by denying the use of Canadian territory to persons who are likely to engage in subversive or
criminal activity.

There is no absolute answer concerning the duration of a background check. There is considerable variance depending on individual circumstances.

Q. I work as a computer programmer for the for the government of China. Now I am going to immigrate to Canada. Can anyone tell me whether there’s any trouble in “BACKGROUND CHECK” that work for the government?

Answer: The nature of your profession, in itself, is not a factor in the outcome of the background clearance.