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Q & A: Intended Occupation

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Q. For the last 6 months I am working as a User Support Analyst. Because of my strong previous experience in Hi-Tech Technical Recruiting ( approx. 5 years ), a Canadian company wants me to work with them as Technical Recruiting Consultant for the USA market right now, and when get to Canada work with them there in Vancouver.
(1) If I apply for Canadian PR as User Support Analyst with lets say at least one year experience, I score 75 marks.
(2) If I apply as Recruiting officer with more then 4 years experience, I score 72 marks and the job demand is low (per HRDC). But I can show my affiliation with a Canadian company who is willing to give me a job as Technical Recruiting Consultant once I get to Canada (no HRDC validation).

Answer: The intended occupation should be selected on the basis of the occupation that you are qualified for, and in which you intend, at the time of the application, to seek employment in within Canada. If, in fact, your score would be 72 units of assessment, and you would be in possession of a credible job offer, and you intend to work in that position, that would appear to be the more suitable intended occupation.

Once you have one year in the other designation mentioned, you may include an
indication of such in the application.



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    Biru Rai

    I with my family were migrated to Canada in 2008 under Skilled category. However, due to my employment with the United Nations we could not live in Canada to meet the minimum of 2 years in order to qualify for the renewal of the five years PR initially granted. Our PR expired in April 2013.

    I believe the “returning resident application” is still in force to be considered for 2nd time (or renewal). We are holding UK PR (ILR), and Nepalese citizenship.

    Thanks and regards,

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