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Disruption in Processing at Belgrade

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The visa operations of the Canadian Embassy in Belgrade have been disrupted because of the crisis over Kosovo. We hope the situation improves so that we can get back to normal soon but, for now, our ability to provide service is somewhat restricted.


We resumed Visitor Visa service in Belgrade on October 1 9.

Applicants should send or bring to the Embassy in Belgrade all required supporting documents, the appropriate fees, and completed forms.

As our capacity is still limited, there may be delays in processing applications. People who wish to go to Canada at a later date might wish to postpone applying for a few weeks, to avoid possible inconvenience-


Immigration files in Process were transferred temporarily to the Canadian Embassy in VIENNA

A very small staff in Vienna is carrying out some processing, on receipt of instruction from Belgrade. They cannot deal directly with clients.

Applicants who have been asked to submit documents to the Embassy in Belgrade should do so. Staff there will transfer information to Vienna as required.

Applicants who have instructions (for example to undergo medical examinations or p ROLF fees) should follow them as soon as possible.

No Immigrant interviews will be held.