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Q & A: Retaining Canadian Status

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Q. I have been a PR for 2 years and 2 months. But I am going to work in US via H1-B Visa next March after university.

I would very much like to retain my landed immigrant status. So, I plan to return to Canada after working for 1 year or so in US.

How do I convince the customs when I return from US that I intend to keep my PR status (i.e allow me to re-enter Canada) ?

I assume that I will not be able to get Return Resident Permit for reason of working abroad (although I’ll try). Will a job offer letter from Canada a good (or enough) support for my case?

I intend to pay Canadian tax during my stay in US. How much risk am I facing?

Answer: Following residence of the duration stated, I would not expect a year absence to be seriously detrimental to your status in Canada. You may be eligible for a Returning Resident Permit on the basis of improvement of your qualifications. If you can demonstrate that the contract in the USA is
temporary, and can somehow show that you will be returning to Canada afterwards, this would help.

If the RRP is not issued, but you did file a Canadian tax return during your absence, the likelihood of your status being revoked is quite slim.