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Q & A: RRP Application Immediately After Landing

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Q. We got our landing papers recently. Since the whole processing procedure takes much less time than we expected, we now get some problems with our time schedule. I am currently registered for a Ph.D. Program and it takes at least another year to complete it. My wife also need a year or so to complete her study at the university. If we land now and apply for RRP, how much chance is there to get it ?

Answer: The likelihood is not high. If landing documents were issued recently, they are likely valid for approximately 9 months. If you land close to the end of this validity, returning to the USA to complete the education, and returning to Canada should not be a problem, assuming that the absence would therefore be approximately 3 months.

Recently, the immigration Department has adopted an apparent policy of refusing RRP applications in cases where the applicant as not been resident in Canada for a sufficient period of time, even in the presence of demonstration of ties established to Canada. This often applies where individual land in Canada and return to their country of previous residence to continue working or studying.