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CCPE refusal due to disruption during the cultural revolution

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Following correspondence between members of the Canadian Bar Association and the Canadian Council of Professional Engineers, a shift in the policy regarding informal assessments for cases where applicants’ educations were disrupted due to the Cultural Revolution.

The following is the text of the response of the CCPE: At the February 12, 1999 meeting of the Foreign Engineering Qualifications Committee the Chinese educational system was reviewed and discussed. Following evaluation of the report prepared by CCPE staff, including the Chinese National Entrance Examinations, it was agreed that these examinations are sufficient to compensate for the inconsistent number of years of pre-university education in China and fulfills the requirement for admission to university. Therefore individuals who have followed an engineering program with sufficient engineering science and engineering design content, and have received bachelor degrees from CCPE recognized Chinese institutions, may receive a positive result on their Informal Assessment, regardless of their years of pre-university education, provided they meet all other CCPE requirements.

Informal Assessment applicants who, since September 1998, have received negative informal assessments based on their pre-university Chinese education, may request a re-evaluation of their qualifications by sending their copy of their application form. If the form is not available, the applicants should submit their full name, date of birth, and CCPE Log number. Since this could result in a temporary backlog in re-evaluations, we ask that applicants be patient awaiting their re-assessment.



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