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Q & A: Addressee of Letter of Reference

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Q. I will be attending my interview in early May, I am worrying about my employer’s reference letter. The Company won’t write me letter “TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN”, the Company has a policy that every letter must state recipient’s address and the purpose clearly, I don’t want the Company know I am applying Canadian P.R., so I ask them to write me this kind of reference letter, the recipient’s name is not the Immigration Department, and purpose is something like “Application for Title of XXX”. Could anyone tell me whether this letter is OK or not for my interview, will the immigration will ask me regarding the letter? I also have some letters from the Company which can prove that I have been with the Company, and all the pay slips from my current employer.

Answer: The title to which the letter is addressed is not an issue. In many cases, it is preferable for an applicant’s current employer to remain unaware of the individual’s immigration plans. In such a case, substitute documentation may be used. In this case, you can ask that the letter be addressed as indicated. as long as the content is otherwise as required, the title should not be an issue.