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Q & A: Education Inconsistent with Occupation

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Q. Although I obtained my university education in Chemical Engineering, my subsequent profession was in the field of software engineering. I am now interested in pursuing an application for immigration to Canada in the IT sector. Will my previous education be a problem?

Answer: You would have to be able to satisfy an immigration official that the inconsistency between your training and the NOC requirements for your intended occupation would not negatively affect your employability in Canada. This could be accomplished by demonstrating sufficient related curriculum in the program you did study in, or credible job offers in Canada.

[Comment: In some cases of professions in the Information Technology sector, a directly relevant education is not mandatory according to the NOC. This may be applicable in the above circumstance if the field of IT in which the education is obtained is directly relevant. As a general rule, however, applicants should ensure compliance with NOC requirements. Failure to do so can result in refusal at the paper screening stage.]