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Q & A: Visitor Visas

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Q. I would like to know about that “return ticket” for the application for extending a visitor visa. Is it really helpful, or an itinerary is enough?

Answer: The return ticket is used as an indication of intention to leave Canada and, therefore, of the bona-fides of the intentions as a visitor. It does not guarantee issuance of the visa or an extension, however.

[Comment: Issuance of all non-immigrant visas, including visitor visas, entails the discretionary assessment of the applicant’s bona fides in accordance with the Immigration Act. This is based on a primarily subjective assessment of the applicant’s intention to leave Canada at the prescribed date if admitted as a visitor.

Documentation requested in support of a visitor visa application is typically requested in an effort to assist the officer in judging the credibility of the intentions of the applicant. Provision of such documentation, however, is never a guarantee of the outcome of the application.]

Additional information on this topic is available at Campbell, Cohen’s web site at: