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Published: August 1, 2000

Q. I work in the field of Electronic Data Processing, but I do not see my occupation listed in the General Occupations List. Does this mean that I am automatically inadmissible?

Answer: The fact that your title does not appear on the GOL, does not necessarily mean that you are automatically inadmissible. The NOC contains a number of subcategories, which are included under each main profession which is listed. Your profession may appear as such. The duties that your perform are critical in making this determination. Your education must also be consistent with the requirements of that profession, and you should meet the minimum requisite 70 points under the Selection criteria.

It this is not the case, the only other viable option may be to seek arranged employment in Canada. A job offer from a Canadian company would have to be validated by Human Resources Development Canada.

Additional information on this topic may be found at Campbell, Cohen's web site at the following URL:


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