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Arriving in Canada to live, work or study is but the first step of a new and exciting journey. Everyone who embarks on it is courageous and most will admit to having at least some concerns about what lies ahead. For some, getting to Canada proceeds smoothly. For others, the process proves more difficult. Once in Canada, everyone has the same goal – to successfully settle in.

To help you ease the transition from where you have been to where you are coming, has recently launched its online Community. The Community enables you to interact with each other and with experts on issues
that you decide are important. Participate in discussions about Immigration, Relocation, Employment and Taxation.

Although it was only launched recently, we are very excited by the interest you have already shown in the Community. We invite all of you to join in discussions about immigration and settlement in Canada. We are confident that the Community will prove to be a valuable place where you can learn from experts and share experiences with people who have similar interests.

Join in and be part of a vibrant Canadian community by visiting the following URL: