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Montreal Urges Increased Immigration

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According to a recent article in The Montreal Gazette (a Montreal newspaper), the City of Montreal is urging the Provincial and Federal Immigration Authorities to boost the current immigration levels by at least 40 percent. Citing a critical shortage of high-tech workers in the Montreal region, the City is hoping to attract immigrants with engineering, computer and technical skills.

In a brief submitted by the City of Montreal to the Quebec Immigration Authorities, it is argued that “The world’s cities are facing more and more competition for skilled workers … And since the shortage of specialized workers (in Montreal’s high-tech sector) cannot be rectified in the short term, Quebec must look to immigrating new workers.”

The City also says that the number of immigrants to Quebec should rise to 45,000 annually from 32,800 – a 37-per-cent jump – between 2001 and 2003. This increase is essential in light of the dramatic growth, over the last 10 years, in various high-tech industries in and around the Montreal region. For example, the information and computer technology has experienced 363-per-cent growth since 1990, management consulting has experience 141 percent growth, and scientific and technical services have experienced 93 per cent growth.

The impact of this dramatic growth is compounded by the fact that local unemployment is at its lowest level in years. As a result, Montreal’s work force simply hasn’t been able to keep up with the demand for skilled workers.

Skilled foreign professionals should give serious consideration to relocating to Montreal, Quebec. Not only are the employment opportunities plentiful, but the local Immigration Authorities have never been more sensitive to the need for skilled foreign workers.