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Q & A: Paper Screening Score

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Q. With a points score of 63 what are the chances of an interview waiver? Failing that what are the chances of being awarded the 7 points for personal suitability at interview? I will be applying through the London office.

Answer: Interview waivers are not based on the score that an applicant has alone. Although the frequency of waivers may be statistically more frequent for applicants with higher scores at paper screening, the qualifications of the applicant, the presentation of those qualifications, and subjective factors have a significant influence.

Additional information on this topic may be found at Campbell, Cohen’s web site at the following URL:

Similarly, it is impossible to predict the likelihood of obtaining the necessary 7 points without knowing all the details of the case. The immigration department suggests that applicants give themselves 6 points during self assessment, but this does not mean scoring more is not possible. The evaluation of Personal Suitability is highly subjective, and varies considerably by individual.