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Q & A: Inland Sponsorship

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Q. I am presently residing in Canada with my Canadian spouse. Is it still necessary to return to my home country and submit the application there?

Answer: If married to a Canadian and within Canada, then an application for sponsorship may be submitted within Canada, as the marriage would constitute sufficient Humanitarian and Compassionate grounds to allow for such. Such an inland application is processed entirely within Canada, unlike a standard sponsorship which is generally concluded overseas.

In such a case, the temporary status of the applicant will generally be extended for the duration of the application process. Also, once an approval in principle is obtained, an open employment authorization may be obtained.



2 thoughts on “Q & A: Inland Sponsorship

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    Steve Winter

    My wife is a Canadian citizen. i am a British citizen. We meet in the UK and married in the UK where we both currently live. My wife wishes to move to back Canadian with me. What would be the quickest process? Would i have to remain in the UK whilst she goes through the sponsorship process. Ie inland or outland.and how long is the process to be a permanent resident? Thanks

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    I am a canadian citizen, looking to sponsor my husband. Do I have to be in Canada to send in his papers?? Also what is the difference between inland and outland?

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