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Q & A: Landing and Returning

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Q. I received my landing documents, and plan to move. I am now in California, and have the US H1B visa. My plan is go to Canada for landing, stay there for a few days, then go back the US to say goodbye to my boss, then reenter Canada. My question is what documents do I need provide at the time of landing?

Answer: At the time of landing, you require a valid passport and valid landing documents which correspond at a minimum. Evidence of available settlement funds, and a goods-to-follow list should also be made available.

At the time of landing, it should be apparent that you are moving to Canada permanently. As such, you should be in possession of sufficient belongings and assets for this purpose. If it appears that you are landing, then returning to the USA, your landing may be barred.

You may be asked questions such as the following to determine if it is your intention to relocate permanently to Canada:

1. Have you terminated your employment in the USA?

2. Have you sought a position in Canada? Have you found a position in Canada?

3. Have you arranged lodging in Canada?

The amount of assets and belongings in your possession may also be used as an indication of your intention to move to Canada.



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