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Q & A: Implementation Date

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Q. Has implementation of the New Regulations been delayed until 2003?

Answer: No, implementation is still expected to take place on June 28 2002.

The Canadian Minister of Immigration announced a plan to ease the transition to the proposed immigration rules. Those who applied to immigrate to Canada in the skilled-worker category before December 17 2001 will continue to be assessed under the current (old) selection criteria until January 1 2003. Those same applicant who do not have a selection decision by that date will be subject to the new Regulations with a pass mark of 70 points, rather than the 75 that had been proposed.

Cases submitted after December 17th 2001, and who do not receive a selection decision by June 28th (which is still expected to be the implementation date) will be subject to the new criteria, and a higher pass mark (possibly less than the 80 points previously proposed).