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Q & A: Education Score

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Q. Can you also elaborate on the following:

1) A student does a 2 year full time MBA program from a University and is awarded a Masters in Management Studies.

2) Another Student does a 2 year Full time MBA program from another Autonomous Institute. This Institute SP Jain Institute of Management Studies, Bombay, India is the only GE Partner Institute( amongst Business schools) in the country. It is ranked amongst the best 10 Business schools in India.

However this institute awards a Post Graduate Diploma in Management to the successful students from the 2 year Full time MBA program.

Would these students be considered on PAR OR will the student with the Masters program be given the FULL MARKS for the Post Graduation program?

25 points are awarded on the education factor only for a Master’s or Doctorate level education. If the diploma in the second example is not specifically that of a Master’s degree, then it may be necessary to obtain an objective evaluation in order to claim the 25 points on the education factor. One example of such an evaluation which is commonly accepted by CIC is the International Credential Assessment Service (