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Adding a new family member

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Q. I applied under the skilled worker group in 2000 when I had only one son. I have just been written to go for medicals but my family has increased by one. Do I include him for the medical or have to apply for him separately?

Answer: In the case that an change to your family composition takes place during the processing of an immigration application, you are obliged, at a minimum, to notify the immigration officials of such, and to provide the appropriate statutory documents such as birth certificate and passport. At such time, the immigration authorities will issue medical forms for the new family member.

At such time, a written request to include the new family member in the existing application can be made, and the appropriate fees paid.



One thought on “Adding a new family member

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    i already have my visa and schedule to leave but my girlfriend gave birth to our 1st baby girl,
    how long does it takes for me to apply my child as dependent. my visa vill expire one month from now

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