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Minister’s Permit

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Q. I wish to have my spouse come to Canada to visit me. I would like to apply for a Minister’s permit for her. How do I go about that?

Answer: The Minister’s Permit does not exist since the implementation of the new laws and regulations in June of 2003. These provisions have been replaced by the Temporary Resident Permit, which has the same ability to admit a visitor to Canada who is otherwise considered inadmissible.

There is no application process for a Temporary Resident Permit. The decision to grant one is solely up to an immigration official’s discretion, and is made in the context of a standard temporary resident application. It costs an additional CAD$200 if granted. Award of such is generally issued in the case of medical or criminal inadmissibility.



3 thoughts on “Minister’s Permit

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    Ram Kanapathipillai

    My sister’s son is 28 years old, a Sri Lankan Nationality and has been residing in Malayasia as a UNHCR registered refugee since 2005 for 11 years.

    I myself with another 4 family members was allowed by Canadian Immigration to group sponsor him. But Canadian High Commissioner in Malayasia who heard my sister’s son (nephew) plea rejected his application for Canadian Permanent Resident- ship.

    I as Principal Group Sponsor applied in 2011 for Leave for Judicial Review of the Canadian High Commissioner’s ruling. But the Leave Application was dismissed by Canadian Authority..

    My nephew continues to be a UNHCR registered refugee in the Country of Malayasia still afraid to return to Sri Lanka for fear of reprisal by SriLanka Government’s army and their armed groups.

    Can you suggest any possible openings to apply for Canadian Permanent Residentship or may be on a Compassionate Grounds.

    Ram Kanapathipillai

  2. Avatar
    Edina Laza

    i would wish to apply for an trp as i have a eta is this possible?

  3. Avatar

    I am one of the group 5 sponsors who have sponsored two sons of our sister who lives in ethnwar affected country Srilanka. One son, Vivekananthrajan who has been staying since 2007 in Malaysia faced an interview at Canadian High Commission Office Malayaia had been refused permanent residentship in Canada as a refugee on primary ground that his father’s date of birth appearing in his own birth certificate is different in his elder brother’s birth certificate. Practice of registering a date of birth in Srilanka villages is a that a village headman acting as a registrar of births will accept a date which the child’s father report to the village headman without even submiitting a supporting document. A date reported by a chid’s father off his wrong memory is being submitted by village headman cum registrar of birth. Thus it happened that father’s date of birth appeared different in both’s sons who have been unfortunately refused entry into Canada.

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