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News Briefs – Foreign-born influx affects election

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Going into election day, many people anticipated a fierce two-way fight with the Conservative Party in this newly created riding, Mississauga-Brampton South. But as in other ridings across the 905 region, that did not happen.

Once again, this vote-rich suburban area that sweeps around Toronto proved almost impenetrable to the Conservative Party, despite it being an affluent area prone to supporting right-wing politicians and that the party’s decade-old problem of right-wing vote-splitting has ended.

Speculation is that the increase in the immigrant population has helped to support the Liberal party in this region in recent years.

Immigration positions influenced some voters

Political analysts said the unexpected victory this June by the Liberal Party of Prime Minister Paul Martin was a result of fears that the Conservative Party had a hidden agenda. The analysts said the Liberals played up the Conservative agenda — and voters listened. Some voters, the analysts said, feared the Conservatives, led by Stephen Harper, would cut taxes, repeal same-sex marriage rights, abandon environmental treaties, change immigration policies and move the country closer to the United States.