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Minister’s Permit

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Q. I am a British citizen living in the UK and have a PR application in process. However my company have now offered me a position in Canada through the intra-company transferee scheme enabling me to get a work visa.

What I’m unsure about though is, will this create any problems for my PR application which is currently being processed?

Answer: There is no bar to submitting a temporary resident application while you have a permanent resident application in process. Nor is there necessarily any negative impact to having both such cases in process.

There are two potential considerations, however:

1. Ensuring the consistency of the information presented in each case. Inconsistency of the vital facts of the cases could potentially have negative implications for either or both cases.

2. A component of any temporary resident application is the admissibility of the candidate as a visitor to Canada. It is important to satisfy the immigration official that you are likely to depart Canada in the case that you permanent resident status is not approved by the time of the expiration of a prospective temporary resident visa.