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Strong Language for a Strong Start in Canada

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Improving languages skills is not only a way that Skilled Workers can earn more points in their permanent residency application; it is an important way to increase your employability and to integrating into your new community in Canada.

New Permanent Residents will find that the Government of Canada and provincial governments support a variety of language classes for newcomers.

Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada is one program offered to all new immigrants. The program is designed to help people build stronger language skills in either French or English. Basic classes are offered free of charge in many locations across the country. Other levels of instruction are available through colleges, high schools, community organizations, and privately.

Parents often find that their children quickly pick up English or French at school. Improving the language abilities of everyone in the family will help you communicate and support one another during this phase of your new lives. Seek out language programs in your new community to find help suitable to your needs.