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The New and Improved CICNewsletter!

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We at Campbell Cohen wish to welcome you to the New CICNewsletter! We have been burning the midnight oil here at our offices in an effort to revamp We’ll be overhauling the website over the course of the next few months in order to bring to our audience a fresh, more comprehensive view of the daily, weekly and monthly happenings in the Canadian Immigration industry.

As you can see the CICNewsletter has been updated and is now offered in two distinct flavors, HTML or plain text. What’s the difference? well, one looks like a web page albeit in your email inbox, the other is formatted as simple text. To those of you who are regular readers of the CICNewsletter you are already familiar with our plain text version since it is the only version we had made available up until now. The HTML version is, in it’s basic form, a better looking way to present content to our readers. Links are “clickable”, images are now directly embedded into the email itself, and layout and content is formatted as it would be in a regular web page you would come across while surfing the internet.