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Your Profession – In Canada

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If you are a qualified professional or tradesperson, you may be wondering about how you will continue to work in your occupation after you arrive in Canada. Occupations in Canada can be divided into two general groups: regulated and un-regulated.

Although approximately 80% of jobs in Canada are unregulated, there are many cases where restrictions to practicing a profession occur. The first step in determining if your occupation is regulated can be to contact the professional association or regulatory body for your occupation in your country of origin. Many Canadian professional associations have made agreements with other countries to grant some equivalency of credentials.

The next step is to contact the Provincial or Territorial association responsible for your occupation in the region of Canada where you intend to settle. Regulated occupations often have a Provincial or Territorial association responsible for the recognition of qualifications to work in that field. Canadians and non-Canadians alike must meet the requirements of the regulatory body before taking up a job in that occupation. Persons who meet the standards of a regulated profession must acquire licence or register with the relevant Canadian association.

Although the process of recognizing your qualifications will depend on your occupation and where in Canada you intend to work, usually an assessment of your training, experience and skills will take place. The specific fees, timelines and procedures can vary greatly, so investigate your profession in Canada as early as possible and be prepared to start the next stage of your career.