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Helping the Victims of Hurricane Katrina.

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On the days leading up to Monday August 29 Hurricane Katrina had set her vengeful eye on America’s Gulf Coast and as she clawed her way inland the people aligned in her path were anticipating the very worst, and rightfully so.

Thousands of people eventually made it out with only precious hours to spare before the “big wind” hit, and yet countless others were left to defend themselves against nature’s fury with little more than hope and a prayer to save them. When all was said and done Hurricane Katrina left total devastation in her wake and had displaced hundreds of thousands of Americans from their homes and their very lives.

Red Cross“Natural Disaster” as a term used to describe this massive catastrophic event hitherto unseen in modern America seems strangely inept when one begins to describe the fallout. The enormous task of rebuilding the places and lives of the people that were terribly affected by this cataclysm will have billions upon billions poured into the relief and reconstruction effort. Years will come to pass before America’s Gulf Coast will see some semblance of its former self re-emerge from the water-logged ruins.

Donate to the American Red Cross Katrina Fund

Millions of people worldwide opened their hearts to the victims of Katrina donating whatever they could to the disaster relief effort that is still underway. Victims are now scattered across the US and even as far as Canada as they seek refuge from the aftermath of the storm. Our hearts and thoughts go out to all these people in their time of need.

Find out what Canadians are doing to help their American neighbors.

Donate to the American Red Cross Katrina Fund.



One thought on “Helping the Victims of Hurricane Katrina.

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    Iona Brookes

    There is a couple in St.Martin who was devasted by Hurricane Irma. I have known them for many years. Would it be possible for them to come to Canada for a while until St.Martin is built back up, They are both in their 50s. The husband would be willing to do any type of work while he is here if he can get a temporary work permit. They have been self-employed in St.Martin all of their life but business no longer exists since Hurricane Irma. Please let me know if this request is possible and what procedures they would have to follow.

    Thank you in advance for your response.

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