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Nova Scotia’s Bid to Encourage Scottish Immigration.

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Almost 400 years since Nova Scotia’s founding fathers embarked on their journey across the Atlantic, John Russell, originally from Clackmannanshire Scotland, is leading a new wave of Scots to the second smallest province in Canada.

John and his wife moved to the Atlantic coastal province in August 2004 after spending a picture-postcard holiday there. Inspired by the hospitality and friendliness of the locals Mr. Russell was attracted by the idea of setting up a small business all his own. The 51 year old grandfather of four calls Canada, “the land of opportunity” and is equally impressed with the high quality of life that the country affords it’s citizens. The Government of Nova Scotia has since employed Russell as its unofficial ambassador to Scotland for a two-day immigration “rally” held at the Golden Lion Hotel in Stirling. Frances Wolfe, the manager of Nova Scotia, Canadaimmigration for Nova Scotia hopes that Russell can convince other Scots to make the move across the pond. With posters of wide open spaces and Maple leaf flags waving, Canada is becoming increasingly proactive about their immigration practices by hosting such industry events, while at the same time showing Jack McConnel, Scotland’s First Minister, how Canada plans to “win” the immigration game.

Nova Scotia, Canada

The two nations share more than a passing family history, they’re both desperate to attract new blood to their aging economies and dwindling populations. Wolfe targeted Scotland with the belief that Scottish migrants would feel well at home in a province founded by their ancestors and who’s name in Latin means “New Scotland”. Promoting the promise of a 35-hour work week along with their “this land is your land” approach the show did well in advancing the Canadian drive to bring a quarter of a million new immigrants to the country every year. The event had a higher than expected turnout and keyed up interest from the young and old alike. Ms. Wolfe’s plan has been largely successful in generating attention abroad and has admitted that part of her success comes down to the personal approach she advocates by cultivating such industry events.

About Nova Scotia

– One of the four Atlantic provinces on the east coast of Canada
– Second-smallest province (PEI is the smallest)
– Made up of the mainland and Cape Breton Island
– Over 3800 coastal islands
– Capital city and largest city – Halifax (population 370,000)
– Halifax is an international seaport and transportation center.
– One-quarter of the people are of British origin.
– Later settlers came from England, Germany, Scotland.
– NS also has Canada’s oldest African-Canadian community.
– Explorer John Cabot came to Nova Scotia in 1497.
– In 1867 Nova Scotia became a part of the Dominion of Canada.
– The province is almost surrounded by water.
– Most of the province is covered with forests and lakes.
– There are 3000 lakes in the province.