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More Skilled Workers needed to fuel Western Canada’s Oil and Gas Industries.

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Canada’s aging population, coupled with the current economic boom, leaves key Alberta growth industries clamoring for skilled workers

Dealing with long-term labor challenges, the Canadian Government recognizes the critical role immigrants play in the sustainable development of Canadian industries such as Alberta ‘s Oil and Gas.

The government hopes to encourage a swell of new blood to fill the highly needed positions by providing more access to training, information, and professional recognition of foreign credentials.

The Alberta Government has earmarked over 1.3 billion dollars to bolster its initiative in training workers and encouraging non-traditional workers, such as immigrants, to join the professional ranks.

The Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists, and Geophysicists of Alberta (APEGGA) is also committed to being more inclusive in helping the government move more Canadian immigrants into the highly needed positions.


• Alberta was forever changed in 1947, when a major oil discovery was made. Canada has since become one of the World’s largest oil producers & the World’s second-largest natural gas exporter.

• The western-most of Canada ‘s three Prairie Provinces , Alberta has one of the world’s most productive agricultural economies, producing about 20 percent of the value of Canada ‘s annual output.

• In Alberta , 28 out of 53 occupational groups are reporting less than a 3 per cent unemployment rate.

• India is the largest source of immigrants to Alberta .