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Nova Scotia Creates New Stream for Immigrant Applications

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The province of Nova Scotia unveiled on Tuesday the Family Business Worker stream of applicants for the Provincial Nomination Program. The program will allow immigrants with family members who will provide them with jobs in family businesses to come to Canada more easily.

Under the Provincial Nomination Program, provincial governments can select immigrants that meet their economic needs. The new program in Nova Scotia is open to individuals with a guaranteed permanent job offer from an employer who is a close relative and has an established business in Nova Scotia. The position must meet minimum employment standards and pay at least $20 000 per year. Priority is also given to applicants whose family members demonstrate further willingness and ability to support the applicant and their dependents settle in Nova Scotia.

Family members eligible to come here under the program must be the business owner’s child, grandchild, sibling, niece or nephew, or aunt or uncle. Employers must own at least 33 per cent of the business, which should be under the same management for the past two years.

The Family Business Worker program combines the principles of economic class immigrants with family sponsorship. Those who qualify for the program have the resources and stability for a smooth transition. As Wadih Fares, a businessman from Nova Scotia and honorary Lebanese consul put it, “they do have a job, they do have the family (and) they do have the social fabric” that every newcomer needs.

The program looks to help immigrants to Canada to provide a helping hand to their family. Ron Heisler of Citizenship and Immigration Canada described the process. One man moved here “sort of helped by his brother-in-law,” said Mr. Heisler, which then “led to two more brothers coming, and all of their wives and children and now some of their in-laws. It’s just growing.”