Nova Scotia Nominee Program

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Published: September 1, 2007

The recently-signed Agreement for Canada-Nova Scotia Co-operation on Immigration removes the cap on the Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP) as a means to address labour market needs and declining population trends.

So far in 2007, over 300 individuals have been nominated by Nova Scotia for Canadian Permanent Residency, and this number is expected to go beyond the 400 mark by December. Thanks to the new immigration agreement, which removed the existing the cap of 400 nominees per year, it can. Since 2002, the NSNP has been matching skilled immigrants with Nova Scotian employers and fast-tracking their Canadian immigration applications. The success of the program stimulated its recent expansion.

To qualify for the Nova Scotia Nominee Program, applicants must have the intention to settle permanently in Nova Scotia, have sufficient settlement supports to do so, and have legal status in their country of residence. They must also meet the requirements of one of the five streams in the NSNP (Skilled Worker, Family Business Worker, Community Identified, Economic, International Graduate) including the minimum criteria for education, work experience, age, and language ability.

Skilled Worker Stream – An employer-driven stream, applicants must have a full-time permanent job offer from a Nova Scotia employer and have the training and accreditation necessary for the position. Only certain occupations qualify under this stream, as the NSNP seeks to recruit workers with skills in demand by Nova Scotia businesses.

Family Business Worker Stream – Nova Scotia employers can hire close relatives from abroad to fill permanent full-time positions in their family-owned businesses. The nominee must have the necessary qualifications for the job and must have a close family relationship (child, grandchild, sibling, aunt or uncle, niece or nephew) with the business owner or his/her spouse, common-law, or conjugal partner.

Community Identified Stream – Applicants must have strong established connections to a mandated Nova Scotia community organization. A community-driven stream, the applicant must have a Letter of Identification from the nominating organization and have the intention and the ability to contribute to the labour force of that community. To apply under this stream, an individual cannot be eligible for any other NSNP stream.

Economic Stream – Currently the Nova Scotia government is not accepting any new applications under this stream. It will soon be redesigned to nominate experienced business managers and entrepreneurs for immigration to Nova Scotia. will report on the changes when they are announced by the provincial government.

International Graduate Stream – Eligible international graduates have graduated from a recognized Nova Scotia post-secondary institution within the past two years. Their certificate, diploma, or degree must be for a program of at least one academic year. The applicant must have been working in his/her field of study for a Nova Scotia employer for at least three months on a Temporary Work Permit and have a permanent full-time job offer from that employer.

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