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Alberta now welcomes family members for fast-track immigration – No job required

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The Alberta provincial government recently announced that residents of Alberta can now sponsor their close relatives for fast-tracked Permanent Residency under a new section of the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP). The expansion of the program seeks to stimulate population and labour force growth and to create more welcoming communities for newcomers.

Though it has the fastest growing population in Canada, Alberta continues to struggle from labour shortages across many sectors. International migration has become the most important driver behind Alberta’s population increase, and the AINP is helping to assure that it remains so. The new Family Stream will open the door to a new category of applicants who can contribute to the provincial workforce.

Canadian citizens and Permanent Residents who have resided in Alberta for at least two years can sponsor a parent, child, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, niece or nephew for provincial nomination. Though applicants do not need a job offer, they must possess certain minimum criteria to ensure that they will integrate into the workforce well. They must have a post-secondary degree, diploma or certificate, work experience, and be between 21 and 45 years old. They, or their spouse, must have accessible funds of at least $10,000 CAD and another $2,000 CAD for each accompanying dependent.

“Albertans have family members with skills and knowledge Alberta needs,” stated Alberta Minister of Employment and Immigration, Hector Goudreau. “Adding this family stream to the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program will help us meet our workforce needs while creating more diverse and welcoming communities for all our families.”

Manitoba, Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan, and more recently, Newfoundland and Labrador have established family reunification categories within their Provincial Nomination Programs (PNP). Immigrants that come to Canada under these programs often have an easier time adjusting to the community and the workforce because they have the added support of family.

Alberta expects the new AINP Family Stream will foster similar success, considering the large immigrant population in the province.



2 thoughts on “Alberta now welcomes family members for fast-track immigration – No job required

  1. Avatar
    Lefty and Lourdes Fitch

    My wife and myself were recently married, she has just been granted her permanent residency in Canada. Our oldest son is already here in Canada, and will soon be granted his pernanent residency. We would like to bring her remaining three children and one grandaughter to Canada. We are interested to know if we qualify for them to immigrate here to Canada.
    Your advice and help in this matter would be greatly appreciated
    Thank you so much
    Lefty and Lourdes Fitch

  2. Avatar
    Joseph Antony

    Dear Sir,

    Me and my wife we both are Canadian citizen and well employed and settled in Fort Mcmurray, Canada. We wish to sponsor my one Niece, Age 17 (My sister daughter) and One Nephew, Age 17 (My brother son) to Canada. Both of them going to complete their High school (Grade 12th)by March 2015. Me and my wife both are financially settled and employed in Canada. We have enough fund to take care their education, housing and other expenses in Canada. Please advise me how to proceed their paper work for sponsoring both of them to Canada.

    Your advice in this matter will be highly appreciated.

    Thank you

    Joseph Antony & Shiny Thomas

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