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Nova Scotia announces new Provincial Nomination Program stream to welcome more immigrants

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This week, Nova Scotia announced that a new stream is being added to its Provincial Nomination Program (PNP), known as the Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP). Under the NSNP Non-Dependent Children of Nova Scotia Nominees stream, non-dependent children of people previously nominated by the province will be able to apply for fast-track Canadian immigration.

The goal of this new stream is to attract the non-dependent children of previous Nova Scotia nominees, to help the province fulfill its demographic and labour market needs.

“With an aging and declining population, we are committed to attracting even more immigrants to Nova Scotia. This new option is an important first step,” said Nova Scotia Immigration Minister Ramona Jannex.

Non-dependent children of Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents may qualify to immigrate if their parents immigrated to Canada under the NSNP, have resided in Nova Scotia for at least three months, and still reside in the province.

“This is a stream that opens up [an] avenue for families to reunite here in Nova Scotia and stay in Nova Scotia,” Jannex said.

Applicants must show the intention to permanently settle in Nova Scotia, and demonstrate that they will be able to integrate into the province’s labour market and economy. They must have been named on their parents’ Canadian immigration applications, and fulfill certain age, language, education and training requirements.

As well, applicants must either have a minimum of one year of full-time work experience in their field of studies within the last five years, or demonstrate that they have employment prospects in Nova Scotia.

Successful applicants will receive a Nomination Certificate from Nova Scotia, and must then submit their application to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) for federal approval of their application. CIC fast-tracks the processing of applications from provincial nominees.

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