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Three more reasons the province of Manitoba is a destination of choice

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Manitoba has established itself as a leader among Canadian provinces with its very successful Provincial Nomination Program.

Here are three new ways that Manitoba proves it is dedicated to supporting provincial nominees by facilitating employment and settlement.

1) Manitoba strengthens its relationship with the Philippines by extending an existing partnership that connects Filipino workers with employment opportunities in Manitoba.

Earlier this month, the province of Manitoba signed an agreement with the Philippines Department of Labour and Employment to extend an existing partnership that connects Filipino workers with job opportunities in Manitoba. This partnership helps prepare Filipino workers for a new life in Manitoba and also makes the immigration process more efficient.

Over the past two and a half years, applications have been processed more quickly and training opportunities are provided in the Philippines so workers meet the requirements and standards for entry into the Manitoba workforce.

The success of this partnership is evident: 122 registered nurses from the Philippines were recruited by health authorities in Manitoba and are currently working and living in their new communities, and 97 have already applied and been accepted under the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program to become Canadian permanent residents. In the near future, an equal amount of success is expected with similar recruitment efforts through this partnership.

In 2009, Manitoba’s ever-growing Filipino population represented 32 per cent of the province’s total immigration.

2) Manitoba announces new program to provide pre-arrival settlement services for provincial nominees.

Manitoba is a leader in Canada for attracting provincial nominees. Now the province is getting ready to start a new pre-arrival services program for those provincial nominees destined for Manitoba.

It is important for immigrants to be informed and prepared before they land in Canada so that they can achieve their career goals.

First, the program will provide Manitoba nominees in China and the Philippines with what they need to know about settlement in Manitoba and how to prepare for the job market in Manitoba. For example, the program will assist immigrants in creating a career plan based specifically on the Manitoba labour market and the procedures necessary to have qualifications recognized.

The program will later be adapted for provincial nominees destined to other provinces as well as for nominees in countries other than the Philippines and China.

3) Manitoba makes permanent resident visas more accessible for international students who wish to stay in the province after graduation.

Starting in 2011, international graduates from any Manitoba post-secondary educational program of at least two academic years will be able to apply immediately to the Provincial Nominee Program without a job offer. This change to the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program will make it faster and easier for international students to apply for a Canadian Immigration (permanent resident) visa to stay and work in the province after graduation.

International students who apply for fast-track immigration will have access to an employment-readiness program upon graduation. The program is designed to provide assistance with job readiness, career coaching and job-matching services.