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Number of open occupations diminishing under the Federal Skilled Worker program

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Last month we informed you that Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) is publishing the number of complete applications it receives for each open occupation under the Federal Skilled Worker category. Between June 26, 2010 and June 30, 2011, CIC will only accept 20,000 total applications for processing under the Federal Skilled Worker category with a cap of 1,000 applications per open occupation.

The original list contained 29 occupations eligible for immigration purposes under the Federal Skilled Worker category. Currently, Professional Occupations in Business Services to Management (National Occupation Code 1122) is closed to new applications. Registered Nurses (NOC 3152) will likely be the next occupation to close for immigration purposes under Federal Skilled Worker category of Canadian immigration because CIC has received 712 complete applications already to date. has adjusted the data provided to you for each occupation to better illustrate any trends. To view the most current data, click here. This data is verified with CIC every day.

It may be possible to make a rough estimation as to how quickly the cap will be reached based on historical data-the number of applications that had been received one month ago, and one week ago. Although, it is impossible to know with any certainty how long it may be before the cap is reached in any one occupation. That said, if you do qualify, you should not delay in submitting your application.

Of course, the cap of 1,000 per occupation does not apply to any applicant with a permanent, full-time job offer from a Canadian employer.

Attorney David Cohen offers the following advice, “If you don’t qualify under the Federal Skilled Worker program as it stands currently, you should not give up hope. There are many other ways to qualify for Canadian Permanent Residency. You may be eligible under the Quebec Skilled Worker category or through provincial nomination programs.” It is important to note that the provinces, especially the province of Quebec, still believe in the human capital model, in which one’s total background is given greater importance than their experience in a particular occupation.

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