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Lawyers Successfully Delay Backlog Reduction

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A group of lawyers have successfully negotiated a 90-day halt on a government plan to return some 280,000 Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) applications and $130 million in associated processing fees. >>Read full article on



8 thoughts on “Lawyers Successfully Delay Backlog Reduction

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    We can not think that such a civilised country like Canada can break the first come first serve law

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    Since the effectivity by next year Jan, 2013…hope i could be more qualified to get in FSW and for my entire family. I look ahead to expect more positive result for the new policies and regulations.

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    Since effectively by Jan, 2013…much hoping on the positive side and easy way to get Canada FSW for myself and entire family…

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    hi all

    i have applied in the 2005.i am an medical laboratory technician from india.i passed with1 year diploma course in 1997 then i tried by by the immigration company then they have rejected my file that one year diploma is non eligible for FSW application for canada.

    2000 – 2002 i studied again for 2 years diploma course then after creating the required experience again submitted the file in 2005.

    despite of the other lucrative options i remain stick with the canada FSW program because
    i have trust they will do it.

    in nut shell i wish to state that if wemade an system and the people who have submitted the
    documents and comply with the system now the few people are waste all the desires of them
    just saying we dont need of them as what ever occupation under they have applied they have number of years of experience.

    immigration deptt in canada should have to release the document all the pending cases should be reviewed if they found some one faulty prevent them to enter in canada.

    this is a compliance issue.

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    I agree…this is not fair to those who have been waiting so long. My boyfriend applied in 2005 and he is still waiting for answers .I think they should start at the bottom of the pile and go from there.

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    Jam Jam

    It was always the case until recently that prospective immigrants were assured that our applications would continue to be processed under the set of rules which were in force at the time of our applications; so this action by CIC was morally and ethically wrong and a class action suit should come out of it. I think this latest plan by CIC to halt new FSW applications and review the program going forward is a good idea which should also ease off some of the pre Feb 2008 applications. Some of the waiting times that I have read about is just inhumane.

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    ven Uduwila Uparathana

    i am very glad to apply for this progame.
    I will do my best if i will be selected. Thank you so much

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