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Canadian Immigration News Briefs for Mid-February 2013

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The following is a summary of developments concerning Canadian Citizenship and Immigration that took place or were announced over the last two weeks.

Quebec Amends List of Occupations for Facilitated Labour Market Opinion

The Government of Quebec announced yesterday that its list of occupations for the Facilitated Labour Market Opinion (FLMO) program has been amended. >>Read more…

Proposed Bill Could Strip Terrorists of Canadian Citizenship  

Canadian Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney stated that his government would like the power to strip citizenship from Canadians who commit terrorism or acts of war.  >>Read more…

• Vancouver Becomes New Host of TED Talks  

The Canadian city of Vancouver, British Columbia, has been selected as the host of the popular TED Talk series. >>Read more…



10 thoughts on “Canadian Immigration News Briefs for Mid-February 2013

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    Jabril Adam

    I want to came from Canada I wish to came in Canada

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    djoukere touré

    I want contibute positively to the development of Canada.

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    Salau oladapo

    I have been checking my application status for federal skilled worker i applied for in 2007, but i could not view any information again concerning my application, i want to know if there is any immigration decision that has affected my application.

    thank you

    Salau m. oladapo

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    evelyn oshegbu

    The re-open of federal skill job for this year

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    i want to visit my dream and happy days in canada i want help

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    Nabeel Hussain

    Dear Sir,

    What is CAQ processing time for Quebec (arranged employment)

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    i want to visit my dream country Canada so your help

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    Am I eligible for Canadian Immigration

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    Yehert Miller

    We are now coming down to the re-opening of th Federal Skilled Worker Programme.How much longer will it take for the Canadian Immigration to advertise the credentials assessment programme on the horizon?

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