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Canadian Immigration News Briefs for April 2013

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The following is a summary of developments concerning Canadian Citizenship and Immigration that took place or were announced over the last two weeks.

Aerospace Industry Set to Expand in Quebec

Three major European aerospace companies have announced plans to establish a presence in Montreal. Together the Austrian, French, and German companies will create nearly 200 jobs in the next few years.>>Read more…

Canada Will Soon Need 250,000 Construction Workers 

Canada needs over 250,000 new construction workers between now and the year 2021, says a leading industry organization.>>Read more…

Over 300,000 Temporary Foreign Workers Currently in Canada 

As of December 1st, 2012, there were 338,189 temporary foreign workers in Canada. This number has increased significantly from 2005, when foreign workers numbered 140,668.>>Read more…



7 thoughts on “Canadian Immigration News Briefs for April 2013

  1. feroui said

    je demande une autre possibilité pour l immigration au canada jai déja évalué une demande refuser

  2. kuldeep singh

    i want to apply for mba in canada
    what are major requirements for apply study visa
    i got 70% marks in bba
    please help me

  3. darouich abdelhamid

    I have examined all the information like this, I hope to be lucky

  4. M.AZAM ALI.

    I am a commerce graduate with chartered accountant intermediate qualified energetic Pakistani. I want a Canada citizenship for hardworking environment where I can utilize my skills.

  5. siraj

    will nurse will be included later in fsw programme this year

  6. krishna Thapa magar

    Can Nepali People also can work in your country.. So if it is possible what should we do… for processing.

  7. Rahman

    Is Radio Network Planning Engineers (International Telecom. Vendor) can apply under the “Engineering Manger” category.

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